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Environmental Benefits

Bamboo is the fastest growing renewable resource in the earth grows merrily in degraded and barren land and can be used as windbreaks and soil erosion control. Besides, Bamboo Boards are much stronger materials than Teak or Sal and as such much lesser volume material can be used to perform the same structural task. Given the opportunity bamboo can take some of the tremendous pressure off of our precious forests and thus reduce the environmental damage brought on by felling of trees.


Rivers and the mankind share symbiotic relationship, ancient civilizations have first evolved near the rivers and then spread across the main lands. The river banks are not only perennial water source but the fertile land across the banks are the breeding ground for many agricultural crops.

For the last 10 years the anthropogenic pressure across the watershed areas of the rivers has caused large scale environmental degradation of the river banks. Soil water runoff carrying harmful pesticides and fertilizers from the farm field and through subsidiary nallas and rivulets reaches the main river and causes siltation and pollution of the main river. Large scale bank erosion has not only caused widening of the rivers but soil water runoff is also causing loss in productivity in the farm fields. The rivers are changing their water course thereby leaving watershed areas vulnerable to flood situation. For every 1 mm of soil erosion causes loss of 10 kg Nitrogen and 2 Kg Phosphorous from the farm field putting pressure on the farmers to use more fertilizers and further alleviate the environmental well being of the rivers.

How to stop Soil Erosion at River Banks

Vegetation across the banks of the rivers works as the best agent to stop soil erosion and reduces the speed of the water run off in the main river. Dense vegetation across the banks will help in holding the soil at the banks. Bamboo works as the best vegetation boundary to stop soil water run-off and also work as water purifier as it soaks the chemical fertilisers thereby purifying the water before it goes into the river.


Sustainable Bamboo Plantation through Institutional Tie-Up

HEG under its Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility intends to take up riparian belt of Tawa& NarmadaRiver convergence point at Bandra Ban under Bamboo Plantation to stop the soil erosion.

The plantation shall be managed & protected by the active collaboration of Village Panchayats, which will also get financial rewards for the management of plantation. The sustainable harvest shall be bought by ArtisonAgrotechPvt. Ltd through a buy back agreement at a minimum support price of Sugar Cane, thereby providing minimum earning of Rs 1000 per bamboo clump (bush) for the SHG. This mechanism will ensure sustainable management of bamboo on the riverside thereby ensuring environmental conservation and livelihood development for the local dwellers. The broader roles and responsibility of three agencies involved are mentioned below

Roles & Responsibility of HEG
  • HEG will facilitate in getting permission from Collector, Hoshangabad and MP Pollution Control Board for taking up bamboo plantation on the riverside.

  • HEG will procure High Quality Saplings of Bamboo for the plantation.

  • Monetary support to Village SHG for protection and management of Bamboo plantation.

  • HEG will facilitate in getting permission to Village Panchayats for taking the sustainable harvest from the bamboo plantation.

Roles And Responsibility of Artison Agrotech Pvt. Ltd.
  • Artison will undertake community mobilisation and SHG formation in the neary by Village Panchayats for the plantation and management of bamboo clumps.

  • Artison will provide technical guidance for the management of clumps for the initial four years.

  • Artison will buy back the sustainable harvest from the Village Panchayat as per the agreed terms and conditions of buy back agreement.

  • Artison will ensure transparent process of money distribution for the harvested crop

Roles & Responsibility of Village Panchayats
  • Riverside Plantation of Bamboo saplings provided by HEG
  • Formation of SHG for management and protection of bamboo plantations.
  • Management & protection of riverside Bamboo plantation through an SHG under the technical supervision of Artison.
  • Sustainable Harvesting of Bamboo and transparent money distribution amongst the SHG members.
FSC Certification

Artison plans to have FSC certification done for the captive plantation and also will have the same done for the other forest land and also region wise home grown bamboos by the farmers and local growers. The cost and the legal work for the same will be done by Artison.

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