Artison Group of Companies

Our approach to Impact (Economic, Social and Environmental) and Compliance (Environmental, Social and Governance) stems from our Vision, our Mission and our basic Business Model all of which arise from our fundamental desire to make the world a better place…

By using Bamboo, an extraordinary material that has the ability to shape the Environment around us, to make useful products creating Economic value for the “many people”, thereby enabling positive Social change by improving millions of lives, through a value-drive, service leadership style that shapes the Governance of our companies…



Under governance, we address the following aspects of how our company is managed:

Leadership – A humble, inverted pyramid style of leading to serve, support and develop our employees and customers. Also articulated in our vision & mission statements.

Ethics – A simple approach of always doing the right thing for the right reasons. Our sense of ethics are inspired by the ancient Indian concept of “Dharma”, and controlled by “A-WAY”, the Artison Way of working within the company and with our partners.

Accountability – We are held accountable by all our stakeholders, viz. our investors, our employees, our customers and all our associates from farmers and villagers in rural India, Bharat.

Diversity – We have a core belief in the acceptance and conscious effort to promote diversity within our organization and in the external environment that we impact, influenced by the Indian concept of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” which means “the world is one family”.

Profitability–Creating value by building a simple, non-complex Value chain ensures that we create wealth for all the stakeholders. Cost-consciousness, a core value within our organization enables us to remain lean and flexible, thus enabling long-term profitability.

Risk Mitigation – With a group of leaders with wide and diverse experience, we systematically identify risks and take pro-active steps to mitigate all possible risks to the business. We will make mistakes as we are pioneers, but not the same mistakes, as we are a “Learning Organisation”.

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