Nursery : 127 acres of seed based Bambusa Bambos Nursery to create sustainable juvenile healthy plantation material.

Seedling Quality : Farmers get juvenile seedlings, resulting in minimal mortality rate.

Plantation Model : 15 x 8, Number of plants per acre – 350

Pit size : 2 feet x 2 feet x 2feet, alternatively make continuous trench at 2 feet depth along the row. A few days before planting, fill the pit with thoroughly mixed soil and compost.Pitting is recommended for soil which is very hard and no cultivation is undertaken before. In loose soil or the field where cultivation is undertaken previously, trenching is recommended.

Planting : In the pit, mix the soil with 2 baskets (20 to 25 kgs) of FYM and 500gms of neem-cake. If the place is prone to termite increase the neem cake to 1 kg as basal application.

Irrigation : Irrigation is required immediately after planting with 10 to 15 lit of water. Drip irrigation along with fertigation tank is one of the good irrigation systems that we recommend. Irrigation after planting depends on the soil condition and prevailing climatic condition. The water requirement for bamboo for the first month will be 2 to 3 lit per plant, at the end of first year it increases to 8 to 10 lit a plant. When the plants are fully grown the water requirement would be 20 lit per plant during peak summer.

Soil Loosening : Soil should be loosened to a depth of 10 – 15 cm, and 30 –45 cm away from the bamboo clump at least twice a year, to improve the growth of shoot and the root system. Preferably ploughing with tractor in between the rows of bamboo before the rains would absorb the rain water better.

Weeding : Regular weeding is necessary 1 foot surrounding the plant to prevent weeds and other vegetation from competing with the young/juvenile bamboo plants for sustenance.

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