( Adoption of Amul Model )

Make in INDIA

An innovative initiative to link agriculture with industry thereby creating value for environment, society, economy and our motherland – India. A truly “Make in India” project.

Holistic Development of EcoSystem

A project that creates a whole new industry sector.

Social and Environmental Impact

Artison’s project directly addresses 6 of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Intercropping Model

Putting theory into practice. Nowhere in the world, intercropping model has been implemented in such a large scale.

Green Farming

Creation of sustainable Green on farmyards. Reclamation of barren land through bamboo plantation.

Prevention of Deforestation

FSC Certified Raw Material, developed in socially and environmentally responsible way.

Quality Eco Friendly Green Products

Raw material generated through faming, no tree felling, no adverse impact on the Mother Nature.

Durable, Stronger, Price Competitive

Products commercially developed and tested by the most revered sector specialist organisation of the world. The result of the bamboo-based board far exceeds the requirements of recognised international standards.

Dependable Supply

Participation of farming fraternity has evolved bamboo farming into a movement, thus creating dependable source of supply.

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