(Unleashing the Power of Bambusa Bambos)

Increased Income per Acre

Expected gross income from the bamboo plantation is 2.5 – 3 lacs per acre. No ordinary crop in this region gives this kind of monetary return to the farmers for their toils.
No recurring expenses on implements, such as buying seeds, buying costly pesticide etc.

Intercropping Model of Agriculture

In between the rows of bamboo, the farmers can take usual crops.

Reduced Effort on Agriculture – Enhanced Quality of Life

Only in its first four years, Bamboo plantation is a tedious work similar to that of an ordinary crop. Since first harvest the effort required on the bamboo bushels reduces significantly.

Increased Land Utilisation

Kutang bamboo can grow in difficult places such as on stony, rugged terrain and/or on arid lands, thus resulting in increase in gross acres of agricultural land and in generation of additional income.

Secured Income for Farmers

Bamboo plantation is analogous to putting money in fixed deposit. Matured Katang Bamboo bushels are better suited to survive an adverse climatic condition, for example drought. The presence of a rhizome in the root helps the bamboo bushel to preserve some moisture that helps it better to survive drought condition.

Converting Nature of Land to Organic Type

From matured bamboo bushels, the land gets enough fallen bamboo leaves which transform into natural mulching, working as organic fertiliser.

Low Water Requirement

Since first harvest bamboo does not need any water from external sources and can survive on its own.

Creation of Green Environment

Greens created but, due to cyclic felling – 25% every year, are not destroyed.

Prevention of Soil Erosion

Bamboo plantation on the river side holds the earth, thus reducing the ability of the monsoon river to break away lands from its banks.

Agro-Waste Utilisation

ARTISON will buy agro-waste from the villagers and use them to make briquette, an appropriate usage of resource which otherwise would have gone waste.

Employment Generation

5,000 – 6,000 employment creation in total 32 village units. Additionally, rural employment generation through bamboo-based value added product.

Foreign Currency Income for India

By creating a revenue channel for foreign currency income, ARTISON will contribute towards the well being of our society in general.

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