About Us

Letter from Founder

Artison is on a mission to replace timber and fight climate change. We wish to achieve this target by making World Class furniture with innovative designs, manufactured in a sustainable manner.

With this mission in mind, Artison has built the world's first Processed Engineered Bamboo Board (PEBB) factory in Madhya Pradesh - using this, Artison has designed and manufactured furniture that is one-of-a-kind. Furthermore, we have an upcoming mega-factory meant to manufacture Particle Board and MDF from 100% Bamboo - another world first.

We use Bambusa Bambos (katang bamboo) as our raw material. It is the world's highest density Bamboo. We procure this Bamboo from 20,000+ farmers. The farmers, in fact, plant seedlings from Artison’s very own nursery.

Artison closely supports farmers by signing a 40 year guaranteed buy-back contract. Furthermore, expected gross income from the bamboo plantation is higher than any other ordinary crop and Artison shares 24% of its profits with farmers as a bonus.

We invite you to join us in the journey of creating a green and sustainable eco-system that enriches the lives of all stakeholders.

Debopam Mukherjee



Replacing Timber, Conserving Environment and Changing Lives.


Establishing Bambusa Bambos as Timber Substitute by Manufacturing High Quality Bamboo Based Engineered Boards and Products.

Purpose Statement

To be a Catalyst for Change to Protect the Environment by Extensive use of Bambusa Bambos in Multiple Engineered Products that Touches Human Life.


Commitment to our customers – To bring high-quality products to our customers with continuous improvements using innovation through technology.

Commitment to farmers – To pay a fair price for bamboo producers and further sharing part of operational profits as a bonus.

Commitment to environment – To implement sustainable plantation practices along with FSC certification.

Commitment to our employees – To ensure constant efforts to maintain excellent employee welfare and high levels of “Business Ethics” in quality and services to customers and associates.

Commitment to prosper – The first mover global player in the area of bamboo engineered board products.