Life at Artison

I was looking for some motive in my life other than a job, working in Artison and moving towards fulfilling its mission, I realized I got the motive I was looking for.


Culture – It’s A Family

Fun, Energetic, Fast, Entrepreneurial and Visionary are some of the key words that describe the rich culture at Artison Agrotech. Artison Agrotech is a family and a person once enters in becomes a part of this family. We behave with coleagues, treat and take care of one another like a family member. This family moves with one vision, one mission with the same values in our hearts. Everyone remains always excited to work and achieve the goals. The sense of being a family member is the core element of Artison Agrotech’s Culture.

You get the opportunity to execute, take responsibility and make decisions. Every voice is being heard and everyone is given equal respect here.

Career – It’s A Journey

The combination of an open culture, flexible management style and focus on career development is tailor-made to bring out the best in every employee, not just as professionals but also as individuals. We work hard to ensure that you are empowered to deliver a first class customer experience.

You get complete freedom to innovate, learn, create and lead. Not following the stereotyped processes related to up-gradation, increments and promotions, we serve the bests with best without checking time frames.

In your journey at Artison Agrotech, you will learn, take chances, might not succeed in the first place but will learn from your mistakes and will eventually succeed, enjoy, compete, laugh and with full of passion and vigour will continuously move towards one mission one goal, i.e. to change the Economy, Environment and Livelihood of the First class citizens – The Farmers.

Celebrations – It’s A Part Of Our Work

Although everyone here celebrates each and every moment of life while believing in the philosophy of Lord Krishna, we get together once a while to create a grand celebration of our successes, our learnings, our customers (Farmers) and our togetherness. We don’t need reasons we just create the reasons to celebrate.