FAQ's for Farmer

Why Bambusa bambos?

Bambusa bambos is the world's highest density bamboo. It is the ideal raw material for replacing timber usage across the board.


The contract is for 40 years. It includes a 3% increment in price every 4 years

What if someone offers a better price?

Artison expects the terms of the contract to be followed. Thus, if an individual or entity chooses to sell Bambusa bambos to a third party, then the contract with Artison is deemed null and void. We will stop procuring from the individual.

Artison honours its commitment to buy at the rate listed in the contract, even during economic downturns. For example, during COVID years (2020 and 2021), we continued to honour the contract and buy from farmers at the contract rates despite our factory not being operational. This shows our commitment towards our farmers and the contract terms. We expect reciprocal commitment towards Artison.

Where do I get seedlings from?

Artison will provide 2-year-old bamboo seedlings to the farmers at a nominal fee , once the contract has been signed.

Can I re-sell the seedling?

No, seedlings procured from Artison cannot be re-sold. Doing so would lead to the termination of our contract. Artison will not work with or procure bamboo from individuals or entities involved in such activity.

How many plants per acre?

In one acre of land, 50 to 60 plants of Bambusa bambos can be planted.

Poles per plant?

Each plant will typically have 20 poles per plant. All 20 can be harvested every year (in a mature plant) and 20 new poles will grow in the adjacent area.

Why 15 feet distance between bamboo poles?

Once a pole is cut, a new pole grows in the adjacent area. Thus, adequate space is needed for the plant to grow for several years.

How much income can be earned?

In one acre of land, with mature and fully grown Bambusa bambos plants, one can earn 1-1.2 lakh per acre.

What does my income per year look like for the 5 years the Bamboo pole takes to mature?

A Bambusa bambos plant’s life is 70-80 years.

Estimated income schedule

Year Age of Bamboo Crop Income
Year 1 3 Rabi or kharif MSP
Year 2 4 Rabi or kharif MSP
Year 3 5 Rabi or kharif MSP
Year 4 6 Shade loving crops e.g. tulsi, ashwagandha Rs. 50,000
Year 5 7 Shade loving crops e.g. tulsi, ashwagandha Rs. 50,000
Year 5+ 7+ Shade loving crops e.g. tulsi, ashwagandha Rs. 1,20,000+

Life of a Bamboo plant?

A Bambusa bambos plant’s life is 70-80 years.

How will I be paid?

Shall be paid as per the contract terms , directly into the related bank account.


As the bamboo plant continues to grow, the space for planting herbal crops will reduce. However, creeper plants such as blackpepper can be grown, further boosting income.

Water requirement?

An acre's plantation of Bambusa bambos will have just 1/4th of the water requirement of an acre of sugarcane plantation.

We recommend and encourage drip irrigation to be used for plantation of Bambusa bambos.

Fertilizer usage?

We don't recommend fertilizer usage as we wish to prevent * the use of chemicals.* But if necessary, one can use water-soluble fertilizers.

Water soluble fertilizers?

Yes, water soluble fertilizers can be used. However, fertilizer costs are borne by the farmers.