Envirnomental Impact

Carbon Sequestration

Bamboo absorbs 32% more CO2 than any other plant

Greening the environment

Bamboo plantation provides abundant green cover to any land

Restoring degraded land

Bamboo plantation helps regenerate unused and degraded land


Bamboo is a renewable and sustainable resource

Low Water Requirement

First harvest bamboo does not need any water from external sources and can therefore survive on its own

Prevention of Soil Erosion

Bamboo plantation holds the soil and earth, thus reducing soil erosion

Improve Biodiversity

Bamboo plantation has visibly transformed many damaged ecosystems into healthy vibrant ecosystems bustling with life.

Converting Nature of Land to Organic Type

Fallen bamboo leaves transform into natural mulching, thus working as organic fertiliser

Zero Waste

Artison uses every inch of the bamboo pole. We even re-use the bamboo dust produced during manufacturing. Infact, we make our coveted particle boards from bamboo dust.