We manufacture the world's 1st Processed Engineered Bamboo Board (PEBB) based furniture. The factory found its home in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh.

The factory has state-of the art manufacturing equipment and machines. More importantly, many machines and tools were innovations of Artison and were developed in-house. The factory also employs 40+ carpenters and Artisons, each an artist in his own right.

We train our technicians, workers and carpenters and invest substantial time and resources in skill development. Also, we are guiding and supporting existing ITIs and SHGS. Further, Artison is actively supporting a major upcoming ITI in Dewas by sharing resources and know-how.

Meeting the Factory's Needs

The factory needs 40 MT of raw katang bamboo every day. We procure this Bamboo from the 20,000+ farmers that we work with. The farmers have planted seedlings from our nursery in Khandwa.

To ensure decentralization and improve farmer involvement, we have nurtured village units. These village units procure and pre-process the raw bamboo before sending it to the Artison Factory. The village units have proved to be a boon for the rural population as they find a source of steady employment and income. We plant to have 200+ village units by 2023, resulting in 60,000+ jobs.

The Future

Artison has been the World's 1st in many things. Another 1st for Artison is our mega-factory in Dhamnod, Madhya Pradesh which will span 174+ acres. The Dhamnod factory will be the World’s 1st Particle Board and MDF from 100% bamboo.